Bridge Over River


Awareness, Choice, Conscious Action

There are a number of levels of courses which offer you the opportunity to learn more about how to achieve greater Stresslessness, thereby actively creating a better experience of life for both you and your loved ones. 
These courses follow on in order directly from the Stressless Experiment.

Level 1:  Self-care Habit Creation.

Learn greater awareness and understanding, extra techniques and then how to apply what you know to create a life-long self-care stresslessness habit.

Level 2: The Impersonal, Universal Stressors.

This first introduction to stressors does not delve deeply, but offers a chance to see how each and every one of us creates unnecessary and avoidable stress in our lives, and then you can learn how to make the unavoidable, avoidable!

Level 3: Personal Stressors.
A series of 6 individual modules, each inviting you to start exploring your personal relationship with particular stress-inducing emotions, and to begin to investigate limiting beliefs you may be holding onto that do not serve, thus reducing/removing triggers to your personal stress response.

Course Information 

Level 1: 21 days

Level 2: 14 days

Level 3: 1 calendar month each module


These are all group courses.
Content is via e-mail and conducted in a dedicated Facebook Private Group with weekly Facebook Q&A Room Meetings.


Levels 2&3 include a 30 minute one to one session with Sandra (via Facebook Messenger, Skype or Zoom).

Price (Current Special Offer till Sept 21)

Level 1 £16.00 

Level 2 £20.00

Level 3 £40.00 (per module)