What clients say


Petra Shrem, Slovakia

I approached Sandra because I`d had already some experience with her coaching work and I needed an urgent help. I managed to get the dream-job of my life and all was going great for me. My boss was very happy with my performance, I got a lot of training, very powerful mentoring, I felt incredibly supported and thrilled about being able to do what I love and get paid for it. However, on the inside, doubts started to creep in: doubts around my abilities, my skills, and my confidence. I was living my personal miracle, which was slowly turning into a nightmare. I was waiting for the day I would be “found out”, I felt like an imposter.  As a coach, I knew what was happening to me, but I was not able to help myself. 
I knew that Sandra was offering a very special program, designed to address the core issues – at the very deep level.  With Sandra`s gentle, yet powerful guidance, brilliant skills, unique processes and unprecedented encouragement and support, I was able to confront “my shadows”, my fears and doubts that were stopping me from enjoying my new life and my dream job, that were stopping me from feeling confident, proud, accomplished, creative and highly skilled. It was truly a transformational experience, a rebirth of my power and charisma! I also got to a deeper understanding of myself, which led to a lot of self-compassion, silencing of my inner critical voice and it brought me a huge gift – the ability to accept praise and compliments!
So, I would recommend Sandra`s program to all people, who struggle with confidence, playing small, self-sabotage, feeling insecure, feeling stuck, experiencing negative self-talk, perfectionism or imposter syndrome . If you know that there is so much more in you than you put out, Sandra`s program is right for you. She will get you to a point, where your true self will come out and shine powerfully and brightly! You`ll experience a deep authenticity, self-compassion and deep trust in yourself, your abilities and who you are.
Thank you Sandra! I`ll never forget the amazing gifts you brought into my life.