• Sandra Boatman

Dispel Climate Anxiety........

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

We have reached a choice point, and that choice point concerns us.

And our relationship with the Earth who sustains our very life.

It is time to make a conscious decision to empower ourselves, in as many ways as we can, against the damage being done, deliberately or unknowingly, to this planet we call home.

It might be that you are doing all you can, and yet you feel it is not enough.

It might be that you cannot do anything - it simply isn't possible, logistically, or financially.

No matter what, we can take different actions, powerful actions - ones that don't necessarily occur to us while we are afraid, angry and sad about what is going on.

Actions that, on the face of it, may not seem to be particularly worthwhile.

And yet, we cannot solve this problem with what we are doing at the moment.

It is not enough, it is not soon enough.

We can do more.

Let us all do something else, alongside our practical efforts, whether they be great or small.

And then we can all feel part of the solution, instead of knowing we are just part of the problem.

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