Transform your life for the better, and make a a different way

Hello, I am Sandra and I have been preparing professionally for this for 25 years.

I believe in two things:

Firstly: A phenomenon called The Ripple Effect;

Secondly: That we are all much greater and more powerful than we think we are.

When we become aware of that fact, we can start to unleash our own personal magic.

I have a deep passion for our planet and all her inhabitants - including humans!

I also have a mission: to help as many people as possible to become aware of this personal power and the ripple effect none of us can help creating. 

By understanding them both, it becomes possible (and somewhat wonderful), to learn to use them for the greater good - while experiencing a better life at the same time!




Because it matters....and you matter too!

We are always radiating a certain type of energy, whether we are aware of it - or not. Because we are energy!

When we feel good, our vibration is uplifting;

if we are in a bad place – perhaps stressed, angry or upset – then the energy we put out can be uncomfortable and difficult to be around.

There is a chain reaction that starts with us.....

And the effect can be felt both on a personal and global level.

Our planet desperately needs our attention. 

We only have one Earth, and we must look after her.

Yet, with the day to day problems we are all facing, it can be difficult to see beyond our personal situations.

However, it is possible to work on your own life's challenges and, via the ripple effect, cause a change that goes way beyond you.

Becoming conscious of your own state of being, and recognising what impact that has on you and the wider world, you can deliberately choose to enhance your life, and influence others positively by doing so.

A win-win situation!

It takes awareness and attention and some effort, but what if, by dealing wit your own stressors, and finding greater peace and joy in your life, you could contribute to the planet?

What if, by focusing on your life, and your ripple effect, you could create positive change that you could see and feel?

Being part of something magical and knowing that your efforts are making a true contribution to the greater good brings purpose and joy to your life.

I see this is as a pathway that each and every one of us can walk - consciously working towards a wonderful life for ourselves and our loved ones, with the intention of causing a huge ripple effect that would have a positive global impact.

When we speak the language of energy everything is possible!


How can you participate?


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Bridge Over River
Image by Aaron Burden


Learn the principles and basic tools you need to start you on the path to stresslessness.

This is a week long free course that runs 3 times a year, at the beginning of February, June and October.

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Awareness, Choice, Conscious Action

There are a number of levels of courses I offer where you can learn different techniques to help you to achieve Stresslessness for yourself and your loved ones. 
These follow on from the Stressless Experiment.
Learn to tap into your own magic and transform challenges into opportunities to help to bring healing.

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Embrace your power

Here you will be invited to take the journey deeper into yourself and also beyond, working on behalf of the Collective Unconscious, the Ancestors and the Planet, using deeper techniques and dealing with your own shadow and whatever else arises where more profound healing is needed.


About Me

I am passionate about each of us discovering just how powerful we are, and then using that power - that magic within - to help heal the planet,

My overall aim is that we can all learn how to live our best lives - fulfilled, purposeful, happy and peaceful, in harmony and balance, no matter what.

It starts and ends with each one of us.

I am delighted to be able to offer my services if you would like to undertake this magical journey that starts within.....

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